About Lucienne

 Lucienne Crystals was born out of a desire to create a safe space for those drawn to explore the world and power of crystals.

My personal journey began when I was buying a Christmas present for a dear friend, and she showed me several different crystal shops. I was initially drawn to how they looked, but I quickly learned about the concept of “choosing what calls out to you.” I realized, as I learned more about each crystal I picked up for myself, that each crystal that called out to me was addressing a gap in my life that sorely needed attention.

My curiosity and delight with crystals grew into something much greater. I decided to put up my initial Lucienne Crystals shop on Instagram, where I would curate various crystals gathered from wonderful, reputable suppliers and share them with anyone who might be interested.

In this time, I’ve met people at different levels of enthusiasm. Those just starting out, those beginning to grow their collections, and those who’ve been avid believers in the power of crystals, all of whom I’ve learned from and been energized by. I believed it was time for a different space and platform, even more welcoming and safe than the last.

This place is free of judgment, whether you’re looking to pick up a stone that looks beautiful on your table or you’re hoping to manifest great things for your life. Lead with your intentions and let your crystals do the rest.

Love, light, and labradorite,